Whether you’re moving in or out of Washington, you’ll need to plan and organize your house to make the transition easier. If you need help moving, you can always contact Ed’s Moving & Storage. Our team of professional movers can help you pack, load, transport, and unload every item in your house. To make the event go as smoothly as possible, we’ve provided six moving tips to help you along the way.


1. Plan, Plan, Plan

Before you make the first move, sit down and brainstorm a list of every possible thing you need to consider. This could include communication, change of address, utilities, securing boxes, renting a moving truck, and coming up with storage solutions.


2. Start Now

It doesn’t matter that your move is four months away. You’ll make better decisions and keep your stress level low if you pack and plan a little at a time long before loading day begins. You can start by packing your least needed items first, and work your way toward the stuff you need every day.


3. Organize Your New Home

Before you hire our residential movers to help you get settled in your new home, you need a game plan for renovating and organizing the house. Try to take care of any home improvements before arriving. This will simplify both the renovation and moving process.


4. Reserve Your Storage Unit

If you think you may need storage in your new town, then call ahead and  reserve one of our storage units while you can. We carry a wide assortment of shapes and sizes that are all climate-controlled and highly secure.


5. Organize Your Packing

Although people have their particular method of packing, we recommend that you organize your packing by same items first, then by the room, they’re going in. Try to avoid sticking any item in a random box for no purpose. Label all your boxes with detailed descriptions.


6. Is the Truck Ready?

People move in and out of Washington every day. This means that renting a truck can sometimes be a challenge. The sooner you call ahead and rent the truck, the more likely you are to get what you want. Call us today and let us help you rent the truck you need.


Professional Moving Service In and Out of Tacoma and Seattle

No matter where you’re headed, Ed’s Moving & Storage can make sure you have all the transportation, equipment, and manpower you need for a smooth move. We provide a wide range of moving & storage services including local and long-distance moving. Our service extends to movers in Tacoma and Seattle, Washington. To reserve a truck or storage unit, contact us at (253) 581-2446, or you can message us at eds@edsmoving.com.