When researching moving companies for your upcoming move, you may come across the term "moving broker." When you see this term, you may find yourself wondering how a moving broker differs from a moving company and which is best to book your move through. Learning what the benefits of booking through a moving company are will help you learn why they may be better for your move than a moving broker. Here are a few of the benefits a moving company has over a moving broker.


You Are Dealing With the Company Moving Your Belongings

One of the biggest advantages to working with a moving company is you are dealing directly with the company who will be providing your moving services. When you hire a moving broker, they act as a middle man. They handle the booking of your moving services and you don't have any say in who moves your belongings. In fact, you may not know until the day of who will be arriving to pack or move your belongings or what their reputation is. When you hire a moving company, you can research their company and get to know who they are.


Moving Companies Are Often Cheaper Than Moving Brokers

The other major advantage to hiring a moving company over a moving broker is that working directly with a moving company is often the cheapest option. A moving broker, or middleman, has to make money. So they charge you a percentage of what the movers charge as a fee. If you worked directly with the mover yourself, you could cut out this fee and save money.


Moving Brokers Cannot Guarantee Delivery Dates

The last major advantage is that moving companies can guarantee delivery dates, as they are the ones moving your belongings. Brokers are not legally allowed to guarantee dates because they do not handle the transport. They can state the items should be there by a certain date, but they cannot guarantee it. If you need your items by a specific date and time, you should use a moving company.


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