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Full Packing Services

Full Packing Services

Our professional movers and packers are trained to provide a range of full packing services. We pride ourselves on being the moving company that anticipates those “extras” before you even think of them.


Our crating services are second to none. Although our standard, professional-grade boxes and crates are superior for most jobs, there are times in which custom-crating is necessary.

Ed’s Moving offers custom crating services for those odd-sized or specialty items that are especially challenging. Each custom crate is handmade specifically with your item’s shape and size -- as well as the transit method --in mind. Not only does this option ensure a secure and safe move for your specialty item, but it results in a unique crate that you can keep for future moves.

Full Packing Service

Along with being an industry leader in crating and specialty moving situations, Ed’s Moving & Storage is a premier packing service that utilizes the latest techniques and highest quality, professional grade moving materials. Our packers come directly to your home or business with these materials.

We’re also careful to work around your busy household. Just point us to the nearest available surface that’s convenient for you go without for a short time, such as a table or counter, and we’ll get right to work!
Our services include, but are not limited to, such packing needs as:

  • Wrapping and protecting antiques
  • Hand-wrapping breakable items
  • Packing rare and breakable items in specialty containers
  • Hanging clothes in convenient wardrobe cartons
  • Building custom wooden crates for larger breakables, when requested

Our complete packing services can be customized to meet each client’s needs. Whether you’re shipping just a few special treasures or an entire household, we’ve got you covered! To ensure the highest standards of security, all of the packers and moving crew members at Ed’s Moving & Storage undergo extensive background checks before we hire and train them. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that the crew assigned to your move is not only highly trained, but also trustworthy.

While Ed’s Moving offers some of the most competitive pricing around, we understand that our customers are sometimes interested in creating even greater savings by handling some parts of the move themselves. Doing your own packing is one way to economize. That’s why we’ve created price lists based on do-it-yourself, partial-packing, and full-packing options. You can also choose to use our professional-grade moving supplies when doing some or all of your own packing, or procure your own.

Piano Moving

Pianos represent a unique challenge during the moving process because they are an awkward combination of heavy weight, irregular shape, and extreme delicacy. That’s why Ed’s Moving takes pride in our expertise in moving these fragile, treasured instruments. We use a specialized dolly and pad wrapping system, while also taking care to first lay down floor protection. In addition, our specially-crafted piano board assists in safely carrying the piano case up and down stairways, as well as through other challenging spaces.

Our customized piano moving services include:

  • Pre-move application of floor, wall and door covers
  • Professional removal and reassembly of pedals, legs, music rack and lid
  • Careful, precision packing and unpacking
  • Precision application of specialty straps to prevent shifting during transit
  • Storage options, if needed


Appliances represent the challenging combination of bulky size, heavy weight, and delicate internal equipment. Our moving consultants are trained to meet the specific needs of arranging for appliance removal, transit, and/or delivery.

In our 50 years in the moving industry, appliances may have changed -- but our expertise in safely moving them has not. We ensure a secure move for your expensive appliances, carried out by our professional staff members, who have undergone specialized customer service training. Whether your move is down the street or across the country, we’ll keep your appliances secure and damage-free. Ed’s Moving & Storage is an industry leader when it comes to specialized moving services.


Should you need to store your tenants’ possessions, our eviction services ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. For both residential and commercial situations, our eviction services include:

  • Compiling a complete, descriptive inventory
  • Taking digital photos before, during, and after each move
  • Packing up, loading and transporting all items
  • Board-up and trash removal of the apartment or rental space
  • Complete winterization service
  • Warehouse storage for either long-term or short-term needs

To minimize the stress of the eviction process, we cover all elements of it, including packing, transit, and storage in our climate-controlled facilities, or delivery to a new residence. Our trained moving team remains professional and courteous throughout the process. For your peace of mind, we offer bonded, insured and state-approved eviction service.

Non-Packable Items

As part of our commitment to our customers as well as the community, we spell out any items that cannot be moved, including hazardous and dangerous materials. Legally, no professional movers can handle many of these items, while others we’ve deemed either safer for you to assume responsibility for, or not within our ability to effectively transport.

  • Items we cannot legally pack or transport: Hazardous materials such as gasoline, acid, aerosols and other flammable items. View the full list of hazardous materials, and how you should handle of their disposal prior to your move.
  • Items we do not pack or transport: Houseplants and other perishable items, usually food, which need to be frozen or refrigerated. In addition, no opened food products. See the perishable items we will and will not move.
  • Items we recommend you personally pack and transport: In general, items which are either deeply personal or a security risk are best sorted and moved in your possession. These include checkbooks, financial documents, car titles and address books. Here is a full list of items we recommend you pack and move yourself.

While Ed’s Moving & Storage strives to be a full-service moving company, we feel it’s important to the safely of our customers and to our movers that the above lists be exempt from our services. If you have any items that you’re not sure about, please call us at (253) 581-2446 to speak with one of our experts.

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Our fleet contains a variety of trucks ranging from straight (box) trucks for the smaller jobs and semi-trailers for larger jobs. Some of our services we provide for moving jobs are: