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Best Types of Packages for Moving Your Valuable Items

As we help you prepare to pack and move your valuables, it is essential that you have the right supplies. We recommend choosing the right boxes and packages to ensure all your items transfer safely to your new destination. 

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The Benefits of Booking Through a Moving Company Rather Than a Moving Broker

When researching moving companies for your upcoming move, you may come across the term "moving broker." When you see this term, you may wonder how a moving broker differs from a moving company and which is best to book your move through.

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FAQs About Moving Companies & Port Services

If you are moving overseas, you may be shipping your belongings by sea. This is typically the most economical way to get large items, such as furniture and cars, from one country to another. If you are going this route, you may be looking to hire a moving company that offers port services to help you ship your items out or retrieve them when they arrive. 

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Best Practices for Moving Your Electronics

It’s easy to underestimate just how many electronics your business has until it’s time to move. From servers to PBX systems, there’s a full spectrum of electronics an office may need to move, and the more specialized the electronics are, the more expensive they typically are. 

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8 Tips for Moving Your Most Valuable Items

If your family is like most, you probably have some items in your home that you cherish above all others. And when you move, there’s always a risk that some of your things will suffer damage during the process. That’s why it’s so important to take extra precautions when packing, transporting, and even storing your valuables to ensure those items make it through your move unharmed.

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Your Guide to Packing Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is always the most challenging room in the house to move. The endless shelves of dishes, heavy appliances, and numerous gadgets you have no idea where to put can drive any homeowner crazy. Ed's Moving & Storage can help you get organized with the kitchen and other rooms in the house. 

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Relocating to a New State? What You Need to Know About Interstate Moving

Are you one of the tens of thousands of Tacoma or Seattle-area residents looking to move out of the Evergreen State? No matter where you plan to go, conducting an interstate move on your own can be incredibly challenging.

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Packing Small Kitchen Appliances: Steps for Success

Of all the rooms in your home that you must pack before a move, your kitchen is probably the most challenging to tackle. Not only do you need to pack a substantial collection of fragile dishes and breakable items, but you probably also have several small appliances that require careful attention too. To help you successfully pack and transport your kitchen items, the professional movers and packers at Ed’s Moving & Storage share a few helpful tips below.

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11 Things You Should Never Do When Hiring a Moving Company

Moving is a ton of work, and for most people, it’s one of the most stressful endeavors they’ll ever undertake. That’s why moving companies exist: to help shoulder the load and stress of relocating. But hiring a great team of professional movers and packers isn’t always as straightforward as it might seem, and that’s especially true if you’ve never done it before. Are you planning to hire a moving company for the first time? You'll definitely want to avoid several things to ensure you have a great experience.

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Tips for Unloading a Moving Truck in an Apartment Complex

Unloading a moving truck in an apartment complex is no easy task. You can't pull up in the driveway and begin unloading things. And many times, you have stairs, neighbors, and other obstacles to contend with. To make moving into an apartment less challenging, we've provided some expert tips you can follow to help you navigate the moving truck a little bit easier.

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