When it comes to moving, your mind has to go in a thousand different directions to get everything ready for the big day. Looking for an online guide can be a hassle, as many details are left out, and you end up paying for items you didn’t plan for. For this reason, we have put together this simple, straightforward guide to helping you move. Below is a checklist of everything you need to know to set a moving budget for you and your household.


If You’re Hiring a Company to Move for You

Ed’s Moving & Storage helps homeowners just like you every single day. Our professional movers relocate families across Seattle and Tacoma, Washington area, and even further. Here is a breakdown of what you need to budget for if you hire our moving company to do the moving for you:


●        Basic moving Fee. Our basic fees vary depending on your needs. In most cases, the costs will include fuel charges and labor.

●        Insurance. You may decide that you want to take out insurance on certain valuables or the entire truckload.

●        Extra services. Do you need us to prepare an appliance or move a giant piano? We offer additional moving services that go above and beyond.

●        Professional packing. At Ed’s Moving & Storage, we do it all. We’ll even pack all your items and load them into the truck. Just tell us how many workers you need.


If You’re Moving Yourself

If you decide to take on the project yourself, here is what you’ll need to budget for:


●        Truck/trailer rental. Our rates vary according to size and destination. For instance, will this be a one-way trip or will you return the vehicle to its original location? Will you need a trailer to transport your car?

●        Mileage/gas. If you’re budgeting for gas, we can help you calculate how much money you’ll need to set aside for this expense. Just tell us where you’re moving to, and we can figure out the rest.

●        Insurance. Do you plan to take out insurance for any items in your household? Ask us about our insurance policies and services.

●        Extra equipment and packing. We supply additional tools and equipment to make your move easier. Some of the equipment we provide includes dollies.


Additional Expenses

In addition to your truck rental expenses you’ll also want to add the following to your budget:


●        Possible breakdown of your vehicle

●        Personal vehicle fuel and pre-trip maintenance

●        Food, three meals a day and snacks

●        Lodging for overnight trips, cost per night.

●        Pet care

●        Temporary housing if needed


We Also Provide Storage Solutions for Your Valuables

If you need to store some of your household items, take advantage of our climate-controlled storage units. They can accommodate any size that you need while you’re in transition. You can schedule your expected load-in date, and we’ll have the unit ready for you.


To schedule a storage unit or to secure a date for a truck rental or moving crew, call Ed’s Moving & Storage today at (253) 581-2446, or you can message us at eds@edsmoving.com. We are your preferred local and long distance movers in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington.