Are you one of the tens of thousands of Tacoma or Seattle-area residents looking to move out of the Evergreen State? No matter where you plan to go, conducting an interstate move on your own can be incredibly challenging.


Even if it’s just to the next state over, relocating an entire home full of stuff requires extensive planning and preparation. And if you’ve never relocated to a new state before, chances are there are several things about making a long-distance move you simply don’t know.


Read on to learn what you need to know about hiring an interstate moving company to help you relocate out of state.

Interstate vs. Intrastate Moving

While interstate and intrastate may sound similar, they are completely different experiences, and depending on the type of move, there may be state regulations to consider. Interstate moving is any move that requires goods to leave state or country lines and, in some scenarios, start and end in the same state.


Intrastate is when the move will be inside the state lines. However, it is still considered an interstate transition even if you're moving to another city inside the state and have to cross over state lines.


While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration does not regulate interstate carriers, moving companies that do interstate transitions are regulated. They may need specific permits or to follow certain regulations, so if you are moving states, work with a company specializing in interstate moving to ensure any rules are followed.

Plan as Early as Possible

Generally speaking, it’s best to begin planning your move at least 90 days out from your intended move date for local and intrastate moves. But for long-distance moves, it’s in your best interest to begin the planning process even earlier. This is especially true if you plan to relocate between Memorial Day and Labor Day.


Since the number of families moving out of the Seattle-Tacoma area has skyrocketed over the past year, long-distance moving companies are likely to book out months in advance. If you’d like to secure your preferred move date with your first-choice interstate moving company, it’s in your best interest to start vetting professional movers about four to five months out.


You want the moving process to go as smoothly as possible, so a few of our expert tips include:

Create a Plan

For some individuals, moving can be as simple as throwing their items into a truck and going to the next location. However, this can cause issues like disorganization and forgetting important steps.


Before you start moving, make sure you have a plan that includes covering responsibilities like address changes, getting the right packing material, transferring utilities, and any other critical tasks that need to be completed before and after the move.

Get Organized

Let’s face it, moving is a huge task, and getting organized can help simplify the process. Whether you use a specific method of packing, go room by room, or just make sure you keep all items for each room together, using a system will help make the unloading process easier and reduce the time required to find your items because you won't be searching through multiple boxes to locate them.

Schedule for Storage

Getting storage might be the best choice if your new home isn’t ready for all your items. Keep in mind that storage units can be in high demand at some locations, so if you need one, start researching ahead of time and get it reserved as quickly as possible.

Exclusive vs. Consolidated Interstate Moves

Are you trying to hire a long-distance moving company on a budget? If so, there’s an option for that. While most people know about the type of moving companies that work with a single relocator at a time, not many know that there are two types of long-distance movers.


The first type, exclusive movers, only handle one family or relocator per truck and moving crew. The second, consolidated movers, conduct their relocation process a little bit differently.


Here’s what you should know about the difference between the two.


When you hire a long-distance moving company for exclusive moving services, you get the entire truck for your belongings. You’ll receive an exact ETA for your things, a moving quote based on the weight of your belongings, and exclusive service from your professional movers and packers.


If you have a considerable amount of valuables you plan to transport, opting for exclusive long-distance moving services is the way to go. It’s important to note, though, that this type of move is the more expensive option. 


Consolidated long-distance moving services are the more budget-friendly option for interstate relocations if you’re trying to make your interstate move as affordable as possible. But this option comes with a couple of caveats. First, your movers and packers will load your belongings on the truck with someone else’s things.


Second, you probably won’t get an exact ETA for your things. Sometimes, you may have to wait several days to a few weeks for your belongings to arrive at your new home. If you’re not strict on a delivery date and don’t mind sharing space with someone else, this can be an excellent way to move. 


It’s important to note that not all interstate moving companies offer consolidated moves. If you’re looking for that, ask about it when you request your initial quote.

Basic Liability Coverage May Be Inadequate

If you plan to move a considerable amount of high-value items in the truck, basic moving insurance (released value protection) may not provide the level of coverage you might expect. While it does come standard from every long-distance moving company, currently, released value protection offers reimbursement of $0.60 per pound per article. What exactly does that mean?


Let’s say you own a 10-pound heirloom vase passed down in your family for three generations. If that item is damaged or lost in transit, the moving company only assumes liability for a loss of $6.


Not enough coverage for you? Then you need to opt for more comprehensive coverage.

Some Long-Distance Moving Companies Offer Separate Liability Insurance

Full value protection offers a bit more coverage, but if that’s still inadequate, your mover may offer higher levels of security. Some homeowners insurance policies also offer moving insurance that provides more comprehensive coverage, so if you have a policy, check with your provider for details.


It’s also possible to purchase outside coverage from a moving insurance provider, so if you’re moving several high-dollar items, that may be in your best interest.


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