If you're in the military, it's likely that you're going to have to move fairly often. Moving can be a chore, and even though the military does offer moving services and moving reimbursements, you still need to be well-prepared and well-organized to make the most of them. Here are a few tips for a fast and successful move.


Hire A Moving Company

Or, more specifically, through a private moving company. Though the military can handle your move for you, it's usually better to either handle your move on your own or at least move some of your items yourself. The military will reimburse you later -- and, more importantly, you'll have complete control over when your items get there. The only catch is that you're going to have to keep good records and that the military does use its own algorithms to decide how much you get reimbursed.


You're Still Going to Need Insurance

If you're moving items on your own, you should at least have enough insurance to cover the items that you're moving. There are some legalities involved with a military move -- you should usually be covered. But because you're moving your items personally (and often moving between states), you shouldn't rely upon military coverage to insure your personal effects.


A Professional Mover Like Ed's Can Help

Your moving expenses are ultimately going to be reimbursed, so there's no reason to try to do the move on your own. Ed's moving service can help you by ensuring that your items get to where you need them -- and can help you tabulate out those expenses so that they can be easily submitted for reimbursement later on.


There are many things that can go wrong if you attempt to complete a move on your own, ranging from property damage to theft. With a moving service and insurance, you're protected from these risks. You also don't need to handle anything on your own; you can just sit back and relax. For most military members, there's already enough to worry about during the transition.

Any move is difficult, but as a military service member you generally get used to moving quite frequently. By following these tips and being well-organized, you should be able to get through your moves not only easily but with the least amount of money spent. Contact Ed's Moving and Storage today at 253-581-2446 to find out more about their services offered to the military.