Even if you’re hiring a moving company to handle the bulk of your packing and moving process, you’ll still have some work to do, especially on the day of your move. Understanding what you need to do to prepare for relocation day, as well as what you should do on the day the movers arrive, will help ensure your move day moves along as efficiently as possible. 


At Ed’s Moving & Storage in Tacoma, our goal as a business is to make your move as simple as possible. And to help do that, we’ve compiled several tips you can use to prepare your home for the day of your move. Check them out below!


Verify All Paths Through Your House Are Clear

The day before your movers arrive, walk through all the routes the team will likely use to get your belongings packed and onto the moving truck. Take note of any possible obstructions that might complicate movement throughout your house or yard. Move those objects out of the way.


Take a look at outdoor walkways, and if they’re filthy or may be somewhat hazardous for people carrying big boxes and furniture, clean those walkways up. On the day of your move, be diligent about keeping all walking routes clear, too. Your movers will be working hard to get your stuff packed up and loaded; the least you can do is maintain a safe environment for them to work in.


Designate “No-Pack” Items

If you have belongings you’d prefer to pack and transport yourself, it’s helpful to collect all of those things and place them in a designated “no-pack” room or area. That way, on the day your moving team arrives, you can section off that area or close the door to the room and let the team know they don’t need to pack any of those items.


Keep in mind, too, that there are certain items — like hazardous materials, flammable things, live plants, etc. — your professional movers and packers won’t be able to move for you. These things are referred to as “non-allowable items” and the list of them is fairly long.


If you’re not familiar with what your movers cannot pack, you’ll want to educate yourself well in advance of your move day. That way, you can get rid of those things or arrange alternate transportation for them.


Check out Tips For Moving 6 Common Items Your Residential Movers Won’t Transport for more information. And if you’re planning to get rid of a bunch of stuff, you might also want to check out our brief guide on decluttering and downsizing before you move.


Be Home When the Movers Arrive

This should really go without saying, but you’d be surprised how many people get this wrong: Be at home on the day your movers are scheduled to arrive. You’ll need to let the team into your house, and you’ll also need to be there to answer any questions they may have about packing your belongings.


If you can’t be at home the entire day, arrange for a trusted friend or relative to be present at your house while the movers are on site. You’ll also want to give the movers your contact information if you cannot be there, so they can reach out to you with any questions your friend or relative may not be able to answer.


Pre-Plan Parking Arrangements

Do you live in a neighborhood with an HOA? Are there any parking restrictions the moving company might need to worry about? Are you moving somewhere with street parking? Will the movers need to heed city parking stipulations in your new area?


If your moving team will need to worry at all about where they’re allowed to park, it’s your responsibility to get parking instructions for them. Find out what the rules are for moving truck parking in your existing neighborhood and in your new location. Get this information before the day your movers are scheduled to come pack your things and provide it to the moving company before they arrive.


On the day of your move, head outside when the team arrives and direct them to a suitable parking area, if necessary. Even if you provided parking instructions in advance, they may not get passed along to the driver, so keep that in mind.


Be a Gracious Host

No, you don’t have to go all out and be the host of the year, but offering your movers refreshments is a nice touch, and they’ll certainly appreciate the gesture. If you’re conducting an early-morning move, consider putting on a pot of coffee for the team. Keep cold bottled water on hand (packing and moving is tough, dehydrating work!) and consider providing snacks throughout the day.


Supplying a meal for the team may also be a good idea as your movers can get back to work more quickly if they don’t have to leave your house to go get lunch. You may also want to set up a designated wash station, so the movers can clean up after they move anything especially dirty like outdoor items or things from your garage. That way, dirt and grime won’t get all over everything else they touch.


If it’s warm out, consider placing fans around your house to boost air circulation and help keep the team as cool and comfortable as possible. And of course, adjust your thermostat to an appropriate temperature based on what it feels like outdoors.


When Your Movers Arrive, Give Them a Quick Tour

Greet your movers and packers at the door when they arrive and then direct them throughout your house. Pay special attention to anything that might be particularly challenging to pack and transport, and let them know which restrooms they should use throughout the day. Show the team all of your home’s exits so they can plan their routes accordingly, and be sure to point out any potential hazards they might encounter while they’re working.


Keep Small Feet Out of Working Areas

If you have children or pets, be sure to keep them out of the way while your movers are working. Accidents can easily happen, and the best way to prevent them is to keep wandering feet contained.


If you have to keep them at home, consider designating a room for children or pets to play in while your movers are on-site. Or, arrange move-day care for your kids or animals at a daycare or with a trusted friend or relative.


Are you relocating with animals? Check out our helpful tips for moving with pets!


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