If you are like most families, then you probably have some items in your home that are highly cherished above all others. Therefore, you’ll want to take extra precautions to ensure that these items arrive at their destination unharmed. Below are some tips to help you protect your most prized possessions.


Hire a Professional Moving Company

If you are worried about the condition of your valuables when moving them, then you should hire an Ed’s Moving & Storage team of professionals to help you pack and transport your high-end items. We use proper techniques for lifting and storing each item. We can also separate your valuables from your other home items and even transport them separately.


Proper Packaging

We provide the right tools and supplies for the right job no matter how small or large your moving project. Therefore, when you relocate, we can help make sure that your valuables receive the proper packaging. Our trained and skilled professionals know exactly how to properly wrap any object and carefully place it inside the right box. Doing so will ensure that it is shielded from impact or movement en route to your new home.


Climate Controlled Storage

Will you have to store some of your valuables when you move? Then we recommend using climate controlled storage. All objects can be placed in a storage unit that maintains room temperature while providing adequate defense from rain, snow, wind, and humidity. Inside units also provide security from theft or vandalism.


Choose the Right Packing Supplies

Proper packing is essential for a stress-free move. Grabbing old boxes from the local grocery store is fine for your everyday items. If you plan to use the boxes to keep your memories safe through hours or days of driving, you’re going to be disappointed.


The more fragile the item, the more essential it is to pack it well. Boxes get lifted, shifted and stacked throughout a long distance transport. Make sure the packing supplies you choose for your long distance move can withstand all that goes into the transport process. Ed’s Moving Storage has the packaging you need including bubble wrap, boxes, tape, and other supplies. We can also pack and load your valuable items for you.

Climate Controlled Storage

There is no substitute for climate-controlled storage. If you store your valuables in an outside unit, there is nothing to keep them from getting cracked, warped, or wet. Valuables you should consider putting in a climate controlled storage unit include:


●        Wooden or leather furniture

●        Special collections or keepsakes

●        Comics

●        Portraits, photo albums, or other memorabilia

●        Wine collections

●        Musical instructions

●        Artwork

●        Expensive clothing

●        Important documents

●        High-end electronics

Take Out an Insurance Policy

There are several insurance options available to you if you wish to protect your high-dollar or highly valued possessions. Most moving companies offer some insurance. You may also speak with your current homeowner's insurance provider or a third-party company that specializes in moving insurance. Shop around to see which provider can give you the best coverage at the right price.

No matter how skilled your movers are, you’ll want to take out moving insurance so that your possessions are covered in the event of any loss. Moving insurance is affordable and temporary, and can give you peace of mind while all of your valuables are on the road. If you have any questions about insurance, then you can contact an Ed’s Moving & Storage specialist and we can answer your questions.


Next Time, Choose Ed’s Moving & Storage

Trying to undertake a moving project all by yourself can be exhausting and time-consuming. Your best option is to hire an Ed’s Moving & Storage team of professionals to come out and do the job for you. We handle small and large-scale moves for both home and businesses across Tacoma, Washington and the surrounding area. Secure your reservation today by calling us at 253-581-2446.