The kitchen is always the most challenging room in the house to move. The endless shelves of dishes, heavy appliances, and numerous gadgets you have no idea where to put can drive any homeowner crazy. Ed's Moving & Storage can help you get organized with the kitchen and other rooms in the house. 

Why Pack One Room at a Time When You Move? 

Even the smallest of spaces can feel overwhelming if you have a lot of items that need boxing up. Implementing packing practices can help you save some frustration and keep your things safer, and it's always recommended that you pack one room at a time for several reasons:

You Can Stay Organized

Going from room to room lets you have a place to keep empty and fully packed boxes, which means clear walkways and living areas so you don't have to try to maneuver around all your belongings and start with rooms that are used less frequently for more space.

It Makes Unpacking Easier

The easiest way to unpack and unload is by using full moving and packing services, but if you opt out of this option, we recommend organizing your items inside your moving truck based on the room the boxes belong to. This makes unloading easier, so you don't have to spend time looking for important items because they've been placed in the wrong area.

Challenging Items Won't Be Left for Last

It's easy to put off the harder items and tackle simpler rooms first, but this is never recommended when it comes to moving. Moving is challenging enough, and many things can complicate the process, so don't wait to pack complicated items or rooms until last. This step removes some of the stress and lets you stay focused on tasks like cleaning your residence or moving large objects when moving day arrives.


Tips to Help You Pack Your Kitchen

We provide full packing services for home and business owners in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Here are some tips below on how to pack up your kitchen simply and efficiently.

How to Lift & Move Appliances With Ease

Instead of lifting the appliances yourself, the best option is to leave it to professionals with the experience and the tools necessary to lift and transfer them. 


Our staff of professional movers has the strength and endurance necessary to pack and move heavy appliances such as stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, and other items. We use high-end equipment and tools to help us along the way. 

Careful With the Dinnerware

Place two layers of bubble wrap or packing paper at the bottom of the box or container. Wrap each piece of dinnerware with a thin layer of packing paper and stack each dish one at a time in the box, adding an extra layer of bubble wrap or paper in between every three dishes. 


For extremely fragile items such as wine glasses and coffee mugs, wrap them individually in T-shirts or tank tops and save the expense of extra bubble wrap.

Mind the Silverware

Silverware is a headache to assemble and keep together during a move. We can help you make the process easier by sorting the silverware according to function and type. Group the types using rubber bands. Do not use tape. You'll regret it later. 


Instead of throwing the silverware in a large box with everything else, try dedicating it to a smaller long box, such as a shoe box. Keep as much of it together as possible. It will be easier to find when you're unpacking.

How to Pack Pots & Pans – Small & Large 

Pots and pans are always a challenge due to the handles. Although it may be tempting to remove the handles to create more space, we recommend you find a bigger box. Place the pot or pan in the box horizontally and diagonally. 


The box is big enough if you can close the lid after stacking the pots and pans. Try packing the pots and pans separately. It will create more space for both. 

Hire a Professional Moving Company

The best choice you can make when moving is to hire a company to do it for you. Sure, you'll spend a little more but save much more time and energy. Your items will also be safer with residential movers with years of experience moving valuable and delicate household items. 


Ed's Moving & Storage offers complete packing and transportation services for homeowners in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. You can depend on us for affordable rates and fast, dependable services. To schedule a move date, call us at (253) 581-2446 or message us online to connect with our team.