Moving in the summer is one of the best times to move. Sadly, just about anyone who has moved during the colder months knows that. However, it's worth mentioning that moving in the summer isn't exactly as easy as it sounds. We're going to elaborate on a few methods that can make your summer move a breeze.


Survey Your Belongings

Get an idea of what kind of furniture and other large items you'll need to get hauled from one place to another. Doing so will not only make your moving experience run much more smoothly, but it will keep your moving experience organized so that you don't leave behind anything that you'll want in your new home.


Take Care of Your Items

Keep the items in mind that you'll be putting in a hot moving truck. Items that can be damaged by heat might have to be transported by you or packed with extreme care. Candles, vinyl record, and sensitive electronics are some of the many things that require extra care because they can be warped or ruined by heat.


Move On The Least Busy Days

Moving on the least busy days is incredibly important for your move. Weekends, the beginning of the month, and the end of the month can be the most busy times in which people plan on moving. Memorial Day weekend and the weekend of July 4th are also days that can be especially busy due to people and their moving plans. The best time to move is usually during the middle of the week in the middle of the month since people are usually working during these times.


Think Ahead of the Heat

Try to plan a move in the morning if possible. It's usually cooler in the morning, so suffering from extreme heat is less likely. In addition to this, try to remain hydrated throughout the move and wear light clothing. Heat stroke is a real danger during a summer move, so be careful.


Plan Ahead

Understand that moving during the summer is incredibly popular. Many people wait for months and plan their move very far in advance before they begin filling boxes with their items. So as soon as you get a move in/move out date, make your moving reservations accordingly. Thankfully, Ed's Moving & Storage is here to make the nightmare of moving as smooth as a summer breeze. Whether packing, storing, or moving, Ed's Moving & Storage is here to simplify the process. Contact us today for more information.