As we help you prepare to pack and move your valuables, it is essential that you have the right supplies. To ensure that all of your items transfer safely to your new destination, we recommend choosing the right boxes and packages. We can provide professional-grade boxes that protect and pad your valuables en route from point A to point B. Below is a summary the best types of packages for moving all sorts of items large and small. To find out what we have available for moving and storage solutions, you can contact us today.


Small Boxes

In the moving industry, a small box has a dimension of close to 1.5 cubic feet. Little boxes are great for moving bulk items or objects that are small but heavy. Examples would be books, canned, goods, or things made from heavy materials like thick wood or metal.


Medium Boxes

Medium boxes measure around three cubic feet and are commonly referred to as all-purpose boxes. These are for medium-sized items that one to two people can carry. A medium box can carry children’s toys, sturdy dishware, toiletries, or any garage tools. Since they can carry more, you need to be aware that they can be twice as heavy as a small box.


Large Boxes

A standard measurement for a large box is 4.5 cubic feet. They’re great for packing sizable items that are not too heavy. Larger boxes can hold lots of clothing, bedding, pillows, curtains, etc. Again, it’s not a good idea to add too much weight to these boxes. Even if you have multiple people who can carry the load, the box may not be able to withstand the weight.


Dish Packs

The best way to preserve your beautiful china is to purchase dish packs. They are boxes equipped with dividers that separate plates, saucers, stemware, or bowls to keep them from scratching, chipping, or breaking.


Mattress Box

Mattresses are among the valuables that receive the most damage during a relocation. Homeowners often place them in compromising positions against metal or pointed objects. The solution to the problem is to put a mattress inside a mattress box. You can get mattress boxes to fit mattresses of all shapes and sizes.


Mirror Boxes

Just like a mattress, mirrors also take the brunt end of moving. No matter how many blankets or pillows you surround a mirror with, strange things can happen in the moving truck. Your best bet is to put the mirror in a padded box designed to withstand impact. Mirror boxes come in many shapes and sizes.



We provide crating service for home and business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul who want to move expensive items such as antiques, chandeliers, artwork, or anything that is large and takes up a lot of space but is delicate. Ask us about our crates!


Ed’s Moving & Storage Offers Custom Packages

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