Moving can be a stressful situation for everyone involved. Moving with kids is a total game-changer. There are many things to think about in preparation for their roles in moving your household. We want to make things easy at Ed’s Moving & Storage local and long-distance movers. If you are in the Seattle area, contact us and let our professional movers help you every step of the way. Here are 5 helpful tips for moving your children into your new home:


1.      Backup Babysitters

Now that everyone has assigned roles, try to get all the help with the kids that you can. You want someone basically “on call” at all time. At times an older child or helper can keep them entertained in an area of the house out of the way.


2.      Moving Sale

Whether you are going to have a complete garage sale or just sell a few things, get the kids involved. Do the same if you choose to sell items online, at a flea market, or consignment shop. You can also list ads in local papers, free sites, mom groups, and other local groups or small businesses that will allow it.


3.      Designate Areas

Designate areas of the house for the people best suited to pack them. For example, you probably wouldn’t want your child helping in the kitchen boxing the sharp knives. We can help you pack all items in a specific way and assign areas for your children to do their part. This will allow them to appreciate the move even more.


4.      Group Supplies

Put all packing supplies in the areas you intend to work on next. Put markers, scissors, paper, stuffing, and color-coded duct tape in boxes or baskets. Make everyone and every room a different color duct tape for easily recognizable packaging. This gives your children an excellent guide for helping you move.


5.      Pack & Stack

As you pack all belongings, make sure you stack things in specially designated areas. Keep in mind, if you are going to stack boxes or other items, you need to isolate these areas away from your children to avoid items falling on them and causing injury.



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