When it comes to renting a storage unit, lots of folks worry about facility security and security only. And while security is certainly important, it may not be the only storage facility feature you need to look for.


When you’re storing anything that may be sensitive to fluctuations in temperature or humidity, such as clothing, upholstered items, wood items, electronics, or instruments, you also need to worry about the type of climate you’re storing your items in. That’s where climate-controlled storage comes in.


If you’re planning to store items that could suffer heat- or moisture-related damage, read on to learn why you should seriously consider investing in a climate-controlled unit.

1. Climate-Controlled Storage Units Maintain Consistent Temperature

Maintaining a consistent temperature is crucial when storing many types of items, as extreme temperatures can damage several types of materials, including paper products, electronics, leather goods, plastics, rubbers, and more.


That’s why climate-controlled storage facilities feature air conditioning and heating systems, which keep the interior of the facility at a consistent temperature 24/7. In some cases, even short periods of exposure to temperature extremes can cause damage, and in others, prolonged exposure results in gradual deterioration.


Regardless, keeping your belongings in a temperature-controlled environment can help prevent damage and prolong their life.

2. Climate-Controlled Storage Maintains Consistent Humidity

Will you be storing anything that could deteriorate if it’s exposed to too much moisture? What about anything that could suffer damage if it gets too dry? If so, only a climate-controlled storage unit can ensure your belongings are kept within the appropriate humidity range.


Because these units have a temperature control system in place, they also maintain a consistent humidity level. Air conditioning and heating systems naturally remove excess moisture and help prevent indoor air from getting too dry, so they essentially provide the same environment as the interior of your house.


Compared to standard units, climate-controlled facilities dramatically reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew growth that can damage a wide range of items, including leather goods, paper products, wood items, and more.


They also minimize the likelihood of rusting, warping, and cracking of various moisture-sensitive items. 

3. Climate-Controlled Units Are Cleaner

Want your stuff to stay as clean as possible while it’s in storage? Then you’ll want to ensure your belongings are properly packed, and you’ll also want to rent a climate-controlled unit.


Why? Because standard storage units have outdoor access points with garage-like doors, and even if those doors are well-sealed (many aren’t), dust and dirt can still get inside the units.


Climate-controlled units have indoor access points, which naturally cut down on the amount of dirt and dust that can infiltrate your unit.

4. Climate-Controlled Units Reduce Likelihood of Pest Problems

When you have a climate-controlled unit, your belongings sit behind not one but two doors. The first door (the one that lets you inside the facility) is well–sealed to ensure the temperature and humidity levels inside the building remain constant.


The second door (the one that lets you access your things) is also sealed to provide additional protection for your belongings. While both of these doors serve to help control the heat and moisture levels inside the building, they also serve another important purpose: keeping pests out.


If you rent a standard storage unit (the type with an outdoor access point), you’ll keep your belongings behind just a single door, which doesn’t provide much protection. And because that door’s seal is exposed to the outdoor environment, it naturally degrades. As the seal deteriorates, it becomes much less effective at keeping bugs and even small rodents out.


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5. Climate-Controlled Storage Is More Comfortable for You

Think you might need to drop things off or pick things up from your unit during summer or winter? Not a fan of freezing your tush off or sweating through your clothes while you unload or load your vehicle? You won’t have to when you have a climate-controlled unit.


Access doors to climate-controlled units are indoors, so whether you’re dropping things off, picking things up, or re-arranging items inside your unit, you’ll be inside a building. And that means you’ll stay far more comfortable while you take care of whatever it is you need to do.


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