Need to store some of your belongings for a while? Don’t have the storage space you need at home? Then renting a self-storage unit is likely your best bet for keeping your things safe. But all storage solutions are not created equal, and if you want the best protection for your possessions, you must choose the right type of unit.


When it comes to selecting a unit, you have a couple of options: a conventional storage unit or a climate-controlled storage unit. While each option has its own unique advantages, climate-controlled storage is a clear winner for several important reasons.


Why opt for a climate-controlled unit over a conventional storage solution? Let’s take a look.


Conventional vs. Climate-Controlled Storage: What’s the Difference?

Conventional storage units look almost identical to a standard garage. If you’ve ever seen a long, narrow building with what looks like several garage doors next to one another, that was probably a conventional storage facility.


These storage units typically feature a single overhead access door that looks and functions like a garage door. And like the interior of most garages, conventional storage units are susceptible to drastic temperature and humidity changes depending on the weather.


These types of units usually feature a single, outdoor-accessible door lock, which doesn’t provide high-level protection against theft and vandalism. Facilities that do not feature quality door seals can also allow dust, debris, and pests inside the units, which can deteriorate the items stored within.


Climate-controlled storage units, on the other hand, exist within a temperature- and humidity-controlled building. Entry into the building requires a key or access code, and entry into the storage unit itself also requires a key or access code. These units typically also feature security monitoring and routine inspections to keep thieves and vandals off the property.


What Types of Items Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

Are you planning to store any items that could potentially suffer temperature- or moisture-related damage? Those items should go in a climate-controlled storage unit. If you’re unsure what types of things can deteriorate when exposed to humidity or drastic temperature fluctuations, here’s a brief rundown:


●        Anything made out of wood, including furniture

●        Anything upholstered, including both leather and other fabrics

●        Clothing, blankets, and linens

●        Electronic devices

●        Media, including CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, records, and storage drives

●        Metal items that can rust

●        Antiques

●        Photos, books, magazines, and personal documents

●        Artwork

●        Musical instruments


If you’re planning to store items that you might normally store in an attic or shed, those things should fare okay in a conventional unit. But keep in mind that conventional storage can still pose a security risk to your items. If you plan to store sporting equipment or anything of considerable value, consider opting for a climate-controlled option to keep your things safe.


Why Choose Climate-Controlled Storage Over Conventional?

When push comes to shove, climate-controlled storage units simply provide better protection for your belongings. Here’s how:


Climate Control Offers Protection from Mold and Mildew

Because climate-controlled units maintain a constant temperature and relative indoor humidity level, mold and mildew cannot thrive inside the unit. And that means your belongings will have a much lower risk of suffering deterioration over time, no matter how long you need to store them.


Climate-Controlled Storage Offers Better Security

Climate-controlled facilities also take security seriously — more seriously than a lot of conventional storage facilities. With a conventional unit, there’s only a single door between the outside world and your possessions. And if someone wants to jimmy that door open, doing so wouldn’t take too much effort.


With a climate-controlled unit, it’s far more difficult for thieves and/or vandals to gain access to your things. Not only must outsiders gain entry into the building itself, but they must also figure out how to get into the individual units. Security cameras on the property also monitor activity around the building, so if anything suspicious occurs, there’s a record of it, and the authorities have evidence to aid their investigation. 


Climate-Controlled Storage Keeps Pests Out

Putting your belongings in climate-controlled storage protects them from insect- and rodent-related damage. Temperature-controlled units are fully sealed off from the outside world, so while an errant bug might get in the building somehow, an infestation is far from likely.


The last thing you need is to find an insect infestation inside your storage unit when you come to collect your belongings. But that might very well be something you find inside a conventional storage unit, especially if you keep your things in storage for many months or even years.


Poorly sealed overhead doors on conventional units can allow bugs to enter quite easily, and once they’ve found a protected shelter, vulnerable insects aren’t likely to leave it. The same idea applies if you’re thinking about keeping surplus belongings in a shed or other outdoor-accessible space. Check out The Pros of Using Storage Units for a full breakdown of why renting a storage solution is advantageous.  


Rent a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit in Tacoma

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