Some companies in the industry have been moving towards using a brokerage model to make moving as streamlined as possible. While this promises a more efficient process, some drawbacks and potential risks can arise. Our experts want you to have the best experience possible, so we're here to discuss some of the pitfalls of using a moving brokerage and help you choose the best option for your situation.

Inadequate Vetting of Moving Companies

One of the biggest problems with moving brokerages is that they can hire unqualified movers. Whether they're unlicensed or just don't have the experience, you're taking a risk because, in most cases, you won't know anything about the company, and you hope they’ll follow through as promised.

Services Misrepresentation

Moving brokerages offer a multitude of services to get you everything you need for your move. However, there are many situations where they may not follow through with what they offer or omit specific details. This means that you might not get everything they promised, or it may not be to the extent originally stated, leaving you to fix problems that come up during the move.

Getting the Wrong Estimate

Your move will have a budget; unfortunately, when you're dealing with a moving broker, your estimate can change throughout the process. The initial quote might not reflect the final total after the move is completed, and if you don't check the fine print, this can lead to some financial stress from unexpected additional expenses.

No Accountability

Lack of accountability is one of the biggest risks when working with a moving brokerage. If any disputes or issues arise, they can be challenging to resolve because you're dealing with a third party, making it much more complex as chances are it's not getting resolved directly at the source of the problem.

Possible Delays

Brokers work with numerous companies to handle customer's needs through scheduling and coordination. This means a higher risk of miscommunication and delays, which can negatively impact your move through scheduling issues, last-minute cancellations, or extensive wait periods.

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While moving brokers advertise an easier experience, with all the uncertainty that can come with it, booking with a traditional moving company is your best bet. Since 1965, our veteran-owned company has been providing stress-free moving services, and we can help you out if you need climate-controlled storage or complete packing services.

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