So you’re planning a long-distance move? How exciting! But have you thought about the logistics of getting your belongings to a new home that’s hundreds or even thousands of miles away? If not, you should know that without some kind of professional assistance, long-distance relocations can be challenging, remarkably stressful, and in some cases, downright overwhelming.


That’s precisely why thousands of people leaving the Seattle/Tacoma area hire long-distance moving companies every year. Why should you consider making the investment, too?


Read on to learn about five of the best benefits of hiring a long-distance move company.


1. Long-Distance Movers Give You Peace of Mind

Think about the amount of stuff you own and what it’s all worth, both in monetary and sentimental value. What if any of that stuff broke because you didn’t pack it well enough?


What would you lose if you got a rental truck, headed off toward your destination, stopped at a hotel to snooze, and woke up to find your truck missing?


Such a scenario might sound improbable, but it happens. And since 2020, DIY moving trucks have become an increasingly hot target for thieves throughout the U.S.


When you hire long-distance movers, you automatically get insurance from the moving company. If any of your belongings get lost, damaged, or stolen in transport, you’ll be reimbursed for their current cash value. What’s more, a quality team of movers will be diligent about protecting your belongings, wherever they happen to be.


When you work with the pros, the peace of mind you’ll enjoy throughout your trip is well worth the investment. But only if you hire a reputable team.


Check out 9 Things You Should Never Do When Hiring a Moving Company for tips that can help you avoid a huge headache. 


2. Movers Make Packing a Breeze

Packing up your house can take a ridiculous amount of time, and when you’re going a long way, your belongings need proper protection for the journey.


If you’re unfamiliar with how to safely pack your valuables, which size boxes should hold what, and the kinds of moving supplies you’ll need, the pros can help. And if you opt for full packing service, they won’t just help — they’ll take the bulk of both the packing and unpacking process completely off your plate.


If your schedule leaves little time for packing, hiring the pros can help you keep pre-move stress to a minimum. Your moving team will not only handle the most time-consuming part of your relocation but will also ensure your belongings are properly packed to prevent damage.


That way, you’ll have way more time to declutter and downsize your stuff before you relocate.


And you’ll also have more time to handle other important details like figuring out who you should notify when you change your address


3. Movers Make Long-Distance Travel Easier

If you take the DIY route and rent a truck, what will you do with your vehicle? Tow it behind the truck? While that’s certainly an option, towing a vehicle can be a real pain.


If you’ll need to drive through any major cities on your trip, navigating freeways in a huge box truck (no tow-behind included) can also be super stressful.


If you want to make any touristy pit stops on the trek to your new home, you’ll have to do it in that huge truck, and if you’ve got a vehicle in tow, have fun parking. You’ll also want to keep a close eye on your belongings, so you can’t leave the truck out of site for any length of time.


But when you hire long-distance movers, they handle the entire transport process, making travel much easier for you. As part of the planning process, you’ll determine a delivery window during which your belongings should arrive at your new house. All you need to do is meet your movers there.


Board a plane and ship your vehicle or drive and take your time seeing the sites. When you don’t have to deal with a huge, awkward truck, you can travel as you please.


4. Long-Distance Movers Minimize Your Injury Risk

Are you planning to move anything bulky or heavy like furniture or appliances? Hauling that stuff out of your current home, into a moving truck, and into another home won’t be easy. And if there are stairs involved, that’ll only make things worse.


Even if you don’t have to deal with stairs, moving large, heavy items can put your safety at risk, especially if you have any physical limitations or pre-existing injuries. And if you’re unfamiliar with moving safety best practices, you or anyone helping you could easily get hurt.


If you want to minimize your chance of suffering move-related injuries, working with the pros is the only way to go.


But be sure to prepare your home for move day, so your movers can work as efficiently as possible.


5. Movers Help You Avoid Dangerous Driving Conditions

Driving a massive moving truck can also be hazardous, especially if you’re not used to maneuvering such a large vehicle. What can really put your safety at risk, though, is a lack of proper fleet maintenance on the part of the rental company.


Even if a truck provider claims their fleet gets routine preventive maintenance and repairs, that may not be entirely true. And if you get a truck that hasn’t been properly cared for, you could end up stranded or in an accident.


When you hire long-distance movers, you eliminate this safety risk entirely. You won’t chance renting an ill-maintained truck because the company has its own fleet, and you certainly won’t be the one driving.  


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