Do you have a relocation on the horizon? Are you planning to pack and move without the assistance of a professional moving company? If so, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with packing best practices, so you can properly protect your belongings while saving yourself considerable time and frustration.


Whether you’re relocating across town or preparing for a long-distance move, knowing the most efficient way to prepare for your move will help ensure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible. And one of the best things you can do to make your move simpler is pack up your things room by room.


Why is it in your best interest to pack one room at a time? Read on to find out!


You’ll Have a Place to Put Packed and Empty Boxes

When you pack room by room, you can easily store both fully packed and empty boxes in the rooms you’ve already packed up. Doing this will help keep your living areas and walkways clear, so you won’t need to worry about maneuvering around tons of packed-up stuff just to walk through your house.


You’re Belongings Will Stay Organized

Organization is perhaps the biggest benefit of packing up your house room by room. When you pack up each bedroom, bathroom, your kitchen, and your living areas separately, all of the things that belong in each room stay together. You can then label each box according to the room its contents belong in, so if you happen to need anything after it’s packed, you can easily find it.


When you load up your moving truck, you can also keep each room’s boxes together, which can come in handy after you arrive at your new home. 


You Won’t Leave the Tough Stuff for Last

If you’re like most people, you have a tendency to save the tough stuff for last, regardless of the project you’re undertaking. But when it comes to moving, you don’t want to do that, no matter how tempting it might sound.


Why not? Because moving is tough in and of itself, and at the last minute, there are lots of variables that can complicate the process. You don’t want to complicate things even further by saving the toughest packing tasks until last, right when you need to be focusing on other tasks, such as moving large furniture or thoroughly cleaning your house.


When you pack room by room, you’ll tackle all of the necessary packing-related tasks for that room as you pack everything up. And when you’ve completed each room, you’ll enjoy a nice sense of accomplishment knowing you’ve checked one more tough task off your list.


Packing Room by Room Makes Unpacking Easier

Opting for full moving and packing services is, without a doubt, the easiest way to unload and unpack your belongings. But if you don’t plan on hiring a moving company, packing room by room is the next easiest way to get your things unpacked.


When you pack each room individually, you can organize your things inside the moving truck according to the room your boxes belong in. When it comes time to unload the truck, you can also organize your boxes room by room when you bring them inside your new home.


Then, when it comes time to unpack those boxes, you can unload everything directly into the room it belongs in, which will make your unpacking process infinitely easier. 


You Can Start With Infrequently Used Rooms

Do you have any rooms in your house that see little use? When you pack room by room, you can start packing those rooms up as early as possible, so you can get them off your plate. When you’re finished, you can then use those rooms to store your packed boxes, so they’ll stay out of your walkways and main living areas during the week or two leading up to your move.


Room-by-Room Packing Tips

Packing room by room is pretty simple, but it always helps to have a little guidance. Here are a few helpful tips for the most frequently used rooms in your house.


Bathroom Packing

Packing up your bathroom is pretty simple, but as you pack, don’t forget to take measures to prevent your toiletries from leaking in transit.


Be sure to remove the lid of each full or partially full bottle you’re packing and place a piece of plastic film (saran wrap) over the bottle opening before screwing the lid back on. It may also be a good idea to pack bottles that contain liquids inside of something plastic, so if the bottles leak, the liquids won’t soften and destroy cardboard boxes.


You may also want to check out Tips for Moving With Prescription Medication for helpful tips on packing up your medicine cabinet.


Living Room Packing

Furniture is probably the most tedious thing you’ll need to move, but luckily, it doesn’t really require packing. Here are a few helpful guides that’ll help you pack your living room as efficiently as possible:


●        6 Tips for Moving Large Furniture and Appliances

●        Your Guide to Decluttering and Downsizing Before a Move

●        Tips for Moving Your Most Valuable Items


Kitchen Packing

Your kitchen is likely to most labor-intensive room you’ll have to pack. Check out these guides that’ll help you get the job done with ease:


●        Packing Small Kitchen Appliances: 5 Steps for Success

●        Your Guide to Packing Up Your Kitchen


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