Think moving to a new home is stressful? Imagine how anxiety-inducing a relocation can be for your pet! Pets get stressed when their environment changes, and trying to tackle the moving process with a distressed pet can certainly be taxing for you, too.


Luckily, moving with pets doesn’t have to be a chaotic and trying experience, as long as you know how to plan for the process and deal with any challenges that may arise. Below, we’re sharing several helpful tips to help make your upcoming move with your animal friend as smooth as possible.


Visit Your Veterinarian

If you’re moving outside of your immediate area and will need to find a new vet, contact your current veterinarian to ask for your pet’s health records. And, if you really like your current vet, it’s also a good idea to ask if he or she has any vet recommendations in your new area.


If your vet does have a recommendation and you trust that referral, you can simply have your vet transfer your pet’s health records to the new office to save yourself the hassle.


Update Your Pet’s Information

If your pet has a microchip, be sure to update your contact details in the microchip registry before you take off for your new home. You’ll also want to have new ID tags made so they’re ready to be swapped out when you arrive at your new location.


If, heaven forbid, your animal friend somehow gets lost during the move, you’ll want to have your new home address listed as your pet’s contact information.


Arrange for Pet Care on Moving Day

If possible, arrange for your pet to stay in a kennel or have a trusted friend or relative watch them on the day you’re planning to move out of your current home. On move day, your professional movers and packers will be in and out constantly, for hours on end. Neither they nor you need any little feet running around, complicating the process.


Separate Your Pet From the Commotion

If you can’t find someone to watch your pet on the day of your move, keep your animal friend away from all of the commotion to help reduce their stress. If you have an empty bedroom that’s fairly quiet and out of the way, that’ll be the best place for your pet(s) to stay on move day.


Place a few familiar toys or blankets, along with their bed, food, and water in the room and keep the door shut throughout the loading and unloading process. You don’t want your pet(s) wandering around when you and your movers are working as that creates a safety hazard for everyone — including your pet — involved.


Pack an Overnight Care Bag

When you’re moving with a pet, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully prepared for the journey to your new home. And the best way to do that is to pack a bag for your pet, much like you’d pack an overnight or essentials bag for yourself, for the day of the trip and your first night in your new home.


A few staples you’ll want to have readily available in your pet’s overnight bag include:


●        Plenty of food

●        Collapsible water bowl and bottles of fresh water

●        Pee pads (even if your pet is potty trained, keep these around just in case)

●        A few towels and a pack of baby wipes (dirty paws!)

●        Treats, toys, and chews (for entertainment on the road)

●        A window shade for your vehicle if you don’t have tinted windows

●        Leash (if applicable) and potty bags (for bathroom pit stops in public places)


If you can think of anything else your pet needs daily or any other items that would make your pet feel more comfortable during the trip, toss those items in the bag, too. Change is stressful for your animal friend, so anything you can do to ease the transition to the new home will be well worth a little extra effort.


Transport Your Pet in Your Personal Vehicles

Your moving company cannot transport your pet, so you’ll need to either relocate your pet in your personal vehicle or arrange alternate transportation for them. If, for any reason, you cannot transport your pet in your personal vehicle, you can hire a dedicated pet transport company to get your animal friend to your new home safely.


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