When you’re getting ready to move to or from a cold climate during autumn or winter (like ours in the Northwest), you must prepare extensively. Relocations during this time of year are probably more difficult to execute than during any other season given the risk for vehicular accidents, icy roadways, and subsequent moving delays.


But while moving during the latter part of the year might inherently be a bit more stressful than a spring or summer relocation, with proper preparation, you can get the job done smoothly. So how should you prepare? Read on for our top autumn and winter relocation tips.


Avoid Moving Around the Holidays

Traffic can get crazy around the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays, so if you can, avoid moving during these times. If you must move around any of the major autumn or winter holidays, be sure to hire a moving company as early as possible to ensure you get your preferred spot on the movers’ schedule.


Make Alternate Arrangements for Your Move

Unexpected inclement weather during the final months of the year can thwart even the best-laid moving plans. That’s why having alternate plans is crucial to keep your relocation on track. Situations you’ll want to prepare for include:


●        Temperature-related vehicle problems. Cold weather can prompt vehicle problems that may slow down your move, so it’s a good idea to get your ride checked out before you go. It’s also in your best interest to add emergency roadside assistance to your insurance policy (if you don’t already have it) or buy a subscription to a roadside assistance service like AAA.


●        Severe weather. In the Northwest, it can start snowing in late September or October, so be ready for unexpected flurries even if you’re moving in autumn. If the weather suddenly gets hairy, you may need to push back your move date, so be prepared for that.


●        Hazardous roadways. If you must travel through mountain passes to reach your new home, understand that roadways in these areas can quickly become dangerous and even impassable. If possible, plan an alternate route (even if it adds several hours onto your trip) just to ensure your safety. Alternatively, you can push back your arrival date by a few days if the route to your destination gets dicey.


●        Traffic accidents. Whether it’s your vehicle or someone else’s, an auto accident can throw a huge wrench in your move. Be sure to plan for the possibility of accident-related arrival delays. If you’re on a tight moving schedule, be sure to inform all involved parties that there’s a chance you may need to stay overnight somewhere en route to your new home.


Take Advantage of Professional Moving Services

Moving during the latter part of the year — especially November and December — is notoriously difficult, simply because the weather isn’t on your side. That’s why hiring a professional moving company and taking advantage of the many helpful services they offer is in your best interest.


Even if you’re currently thinking about conducting a do-it-yourself move, hiring a moving company to handle the loading process is at least worth a thought. If it’s cold and icy outdoors, moving heavy, bulky objects on your own can be hazardous. The pros know how to handle the job safely and efficiently, which will make the most challenging part of your move much easier.


Aside from loading services, other professional moving services that can make your autumn or winter relocation much easier include:


●        Full packing services. With this service, professionally trained and highly experienced packing professionals will pack up all your belongings for you. Given the risk for item damage with improper or haphazard packing techniques, comprehensive packing services can be helpful. 


●        Custom move planning. If you’re unsure how to handle a move during the latter part of the year, let the pros help you plan! Custom move plans are designed around your unique needs and help ensure your entire relocation goes off without a hitch.


●        Furniture moving. Couches, tables, chairs, dressers, beds — most of your furniture is bulky, heavy, and awkward to transport out of the house. Hiring furniture movers is the best way to ensure your belongings don’t suffer damage during the loading and transport process. Plus, having the pros handle the job protects you from accidental injuries.


●        Appliance moving. Like furniture, major appliances can be incredibly challenging to load and transport. To minimize the risk of item damage and injury, it’s best to let the pros handle the job.


Curious what these services entail and how they can assist you? Check out our frequently asked questions for everything you need to know!


Make Room in Your Moving Budget for Unexpected Situations

It’s always a good idea to plan for the unexpected with your finances during an autumn and winter move. If you’re traveling more than a hundred miles to your new home, there’s always a chance that inclement weather could cause road closures or traffic accidents that might delay your arrival.


Be sure to budget for overnight lodging just in case the unexpected occurs. It’s also a good idea to set aside some funds for emergency roadside assistance services just in case you end up needing to call a tow truck in the event an unexpected storm rolls in.


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