If you’re planning a Seattle move during winter, you’ll need to prepare extensively. Successful completion of a winter relocation requires a few additional steps that you typically don’t need to worry about when you move during any other time of the year.


Although extra preparation is necessary, moving during winter isn’t as bad as it might seem. Not only will you save money when hiring professional movers and packers, but you’ll also compete with far less traffic during the transport process. Sounds like a win, right?


Below, the pros at Ed’s Moving & Storage share helpful tips to help you make your winter move as smooth and low stress as possible.


Start Planning Your Move as Early as Possible

Contrary to popular opinion, winter is a great time to move. But to experience a smooth, low-stress relocation, you’ll need to start planning as early as possible. If you plan on hiring professional movers and packers, it’s best to start vetting moving companies at least six weeks before your intended move date. Since the holidays can disrupt normal business schedules, it may be even better to begin the process seven to eight weeks before you move.


We always recommend contacting your chosen moving company at least four to six weeks before the date you plan to move. Scheduling moving services far in advance helps ensure your movers have plenty of time slots available, so you can choose the time that works best for your needs.


Give Yourself Plenty of Time for Delays

Fewer hours of daylight and poor driving conditions often result in moving delays during winter. And if you don’t plan for potential delays, they can throw off your entire move schedule, resulting in unnecessary stress and overwhelm. That’s why including additional time to accommodate potential environmental hangups is so important for achieving a successful, low-stress winter move.


When determining the amount of time you need to complete your move, be realistic. Portions of the moving process that might take just a few hours in summer could take a full day in winter. So be flexible; allow plenty of time for the transportation of your belongings, and don’t forget to plan for unpredictable weather. If a sudden snowstorm develops, it could delay your move by several hours or even days until the roads are clear.


If you’re unsure how much time you need to complete a winter relocation, don’t hesitate to consult with the moving company you select. Professional Seattle movers generally have years of experience performing winter relocations, so they can usually provide an accurate time estimate for planning purposes.


Take the Appropriate Safety Precautions

Snow and ice present significant safety hazards during the loading, transport, and unloading process of any winter move. As such, it’s imperative that you ensure both job sites are properly prepared to provide a safe working environment for you and your professional movers and packers.


What should you do to help prevent bodily injury or damage to your belongings during your winter relocation? Start with the following tips:


●        Remove snow and ice from all outdoor walkways and stairwells you plan to use during the move. Sprinkle de-icer wherever you anticipate outdoor foot traffic to ensure those areas don’t develop ice on your move day.

●        Lay down floor protection in the home you’re moving out of, as well as inside your new home. This will help prevent slips, falls, and injuries caused by walking through areas that would normally have puddles of melting snow.

●        Ensure all walkways are completely clear to allow your movers and packers to perform their job efficiently and safely.

●        Wear non-slip footwear on your move day (if doing so is feasible) to help prevent slips and falls.


In addition to preparing both job sites for a safe move, you’ll also need to ensure you prepare for a safe transport process. Make sure your tires are in good condition, and if you have a two-wheel-drive vehicle, consider opting for studded snow tires for extra traction on the road.


As your move day approaches, keep a close eye on the weather so you know about potential complications or delays in advance. And if road conditions are poor, don’t balk at altering your transport route. A longer commute to your new home might be somewhat inconvenient, but when safety is at stake, convenience takes a backseat to precaution. 


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