If you’re planning an upcoming relocation, chances are you’ve considered conducting the packing and moving process on your own to save some cash. And though that may sound like a great idea initially, DIY moving often comes with several unexpected risks and expenses that might just outweigh the cost of hiring professional movers. Below, the experts at Ed’s Moving & Storage outline why do-it-yourself moving may not be your best (or safest) option.


Moving Has Inherent Safety Risks

Most relocations involve moving at least a few pieces of heavy furniture or large, bulky appliances, and if you don’t know proper technique, you put your safety at risk. If you plan to recruit family or friends to help you move, their safety may be at risk, too.


It’s also important to keep in mind that if anyone sustains an injury on your property while helping you move, you may be financially responsible for that person’s medical expenses. Although hiring professional movers and packers doesn’t completely eliminate the risk for injuries, it’s a far safer alternative than attempting a DIY move. 


Professional Movers Have the Appropriate Training & Equipment

Speaking of safety, residential movers have the appropriate equipment and technique training to safely move your things. Not only that, but they carry the appropriate licensing, certifications, and insurance to safely conduct residential relocations. Moreover, professional training and equipment aren’t just intended to minimize the risk of injuries; it’s also carefully designed to lessen the chance of damage to your possessions.


When you must move furniture, appliances, and other large, heavy, or awkwardly shaped items, special equipment — dollies, lifts, custom crates, etc. — are usually required to get the job done. Though you may have the option to rent this type of equipment, you still run the risk of injuring yourself or others if you’re unsure of how to use it.  


Moving Insurance Provides Peace of Mind

If you choose to conduct a DIY move, what will you do if any of your possessions are damaged during the packing and loading process or during transit? Most DIY relocators never think twice about acquiring insurance to protect their moves, but when you work with a professional moving company, liability coverage comes standard.


Furthermore, if you so choose, you can tack on additional insurance coverage, which will provide monetary compensation in the event your possessions sustain damage during the move. Peace of mind is invaluable during a relocation, and though you might handle your things with care, you never know when an unexpected accident may occur.


Professional Movers & Packers Save You Money

If you’re pricing out moving companies and weighing those costs against the potential expense of moving yourself, you might be tempted to take the DIY route. But though you may save a few dollars upfront with a do-it-yourself move, the long-term costs of tackling the project on your own will likely exceed the cost of a professional move. How?


Most relocators tend to underestimate the inherent (and non-monetary) costs of a typical move. It’s relatively easy to determine what a move will cost you in terms of dollars and cents, but what about your time? That’s a finite resource, too, and the opportunity cost of a DIY relocation can get pretty expensive, pretty quick. What kind of costs might you be looking at? Here are just a few:


●        Rental truck. How much stuff do you need to move? Depending on the scope of your relocation, a rental truck can be quite expensive.

●        Your personal time. If you’re unfamiliar with proper packing and loading techniques, you’ll sacrifice a substantial amount of your personal time for a DIY move. And, if you don’t have the proper equipment to move large items, such as furniture and appliances, you’ll sacrifice even more time attempting to find workarounds.

●        Packing supplies. Do you know which moving supplies you need or the quantity you should purchase? Not only will you need to determine the number of boxes, rolls of moving wrap, rolls of tape, rolls of bubble wrap, etc. for your move, but you’ll also need to price out those items and find a supply store that meets your budget. And what if you estimate incorrectly? The fuel costs for multiple moving-related supply trips can add up quickly.

●        Fuel. If you’re planning to rent a DIY moving truck, keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for fuel for the entire trip. You’ll also need to return the truck with a full tank. And don’t forget about reimbursing the fuel costs for friends and family who help you move! Depending on the time of year and your location, fuel costs can skyrocket, which can make a DIY move cost you far more than you might expect.


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