Whether you’re preparing for a residential move or a commercial relocation, packing and moving your valuables safely can often be a source of anxiety. Your precious possessions are irreplaceable, and to get them securely to your destination, having the right materials on hand is essential.


At Ed’s Moving & Storage, we know your valuables mean the world to you, which is why we offer a wide range of protective packing materials designed to provide superior protection throughout your move. And, if you’re really apprehensive about packing and transporting your possessions, our team of packing professionals is always ready to lend their expert advice. Here are our top materials and tips for packing, storing, and moving your treasures:


Small Boxes

Compact boxes are great for moving collections of small, dense items, such as trinkets, jewelry, figurines, books, and glass objects, among others. It’s safer to keep your small, priceless valuables with you in your personal vehicle when you move, simply because you know exactly where to find them and what happens to them throughout your move.


Before you pack, we suggest compiling an inventory of your small valuables to make sure you transport everything successfully to your new location. Plus, an inventory can help you locate which boxes contain your most valuable possessions, so when you arrive at your destination, there’s no panic about whether you accidentally left something behind.


Small boxes won’t hold oodles of objects because they’re only 1.5 cubic feet in size, so if you have an extensive collection of small items, plan accordingly. 


Medium Boxes

Medium boxes are typically referred to as all-purpose boxes because they can contain a wide variety of items, both heavy and less dense. They’re great for packing children’s toys, garage items, and kitchenware due to their size, which in most cases, is around three cubic feet. Medium boxes can also contain a substantial amount of protective packing material, which makes them great for transporting possessions that must be wrapped or insulated to prevent breakage.


Large Boxes

Large boxes have a volume of 4.5 cubic feet and are well suited for transporting larger, lighter items, such as bedding, curtains, decorative pillows, blankets, and throws, among others. Due to their larger size, they’re not the most appropriate choice for heavier items, simply because the bigger the box is, the lower its relative rigidity is. To properly safeguard your valuables, you’ll want to contain them in the most sturdy packing material for their size, and larger boxes have a tendency to bend inward or buckle slightly under pressure or force. 


Dish Packing Boxes

If you have valuable china, dish packing boxes are the perfect solution to keep it in flawless condition throughout your move. Dish packing boxes contain protective dividers that separate plates, saucers, cups, bowls, and stemware to prevent them from chipping, cracking, or breaking during transport. For extra protection, consider adding protective, insulating material around each dish to help absorb vibrations and shock.


Mattress Boxes

Modern mattresses can be incredibly expensive, so safely transporting your existing bed can potentially save you thousands in relocation costs. One of the biggest issues with mattress transportation is cleanliness, followed closely by unintentional damage from pointed or metal objects within the moving truck.


Wrapping a mattress in flimsy plastic and precariously positioning it against the inner wall of the truck is basically asking for a puncture wound—in the mattress, that is. Instead, a mattress box functions to protect the mattress’s delicate exterior from accidental damage while keeping it clean and fresh for your new location.


Mirror Protection

Everyone knows breaking a mirror is bad luck, right? So, do you really want to start your move off on the wrong foot? Even if the mirror myth is just a silly superstition, no one wants to come across a shattered surprise as they begin the unpacking process. At Ed’s Moving & Storage, we have the perfect solution: mirror boxes.


Mirror boxes are fully lined with protective insulating materials that absorb shock and vibration during transport. Of course, you can always attempt lining a box with blankets and pillows, but doing so will leave substantial room for wobbling and shifting, which, unfortunately, is a primary reason mirrors are highly prone to breakage.


Crate Protection for Large Possessions

Last but absolutely not least, moving crates are an ideal solution for packing and transporting large, delicate, valuable items, such as paintings, chandeliers, antiques, sculptures, and awkwardly shaped objects. Or, if you’re planning a commercial move, crates are also a great option for businesses that must transport large pieces of office equipment, such as file cabinets, printers, and certain types of furniture.


Keep in mind: If you’re not confident in your packing techniques, or if you aren’t sure which materials offer the best protection for your possessions, our team provides full packing services. We offer hand wrapping, specialty container packing for delicate items, hanging clothes in wardrobe cartons, and custom crate building for large, specialty items upon request. Whatever you need to make your move as easy as possible, we’ll do our very best to make it happen!


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