Unloading a moving truck in an apartment complex is no easy task. You can't pull up in the driveway and begin unloading things. And many times, you have stairs, neighbors, and other obstacles to contend with.


To make moving into an apartment less challenging, we've provided some expert tips you can follow to help you navigate the moving truck a little bit easier.

Find Out Where You Can Park the Moving Truck

Ask the management office before your moving date where you can park the moving truck to unload it. Some complexes have spots for unloading and loading moving trucks. Others require you to reserve spots the night before. And others don't have any space and require you to park on the street outside the complex. Figuring out where to park when unloading your truck can be stressful, so figure this out before your moving day.

Measure the Stairs

When you are moving into or out of an apartment complex, measure the width of the stairs, the height of any handrails, and the amount of space you'll have around curves. This can be helpful when carrying large items, such as couches or mattresses.


The last thing you want to do is begin carrying a large item sideways only to realize it won't fit around the curve. Then you have to go back down the stairs, carry the mattress in a different position and start all over. Know the dimensions and how to carry each item from the beginning.

Be Mindful of Neighbors

When you are moving into an apartment complex, be mindful of your neighbors. Many complexes have hours during which you can and can't move. Find these hours out and move only during them.


If the complex doesn't have set hours, try to avoid moving too early or late as you may disturb sleeping neighbors, which isn't the best first impression. Also, children may be playing in the complex, so always be on the lookout for them and try to work around them the best you can.

Reserve the Elevator

If your building has an elevator, make an elevator reservation. The building manager may prepare the elevator for your move, ensuring that no one else is moving that day and preventing you from using the elevator.


Reserving the elevator also makes your move easier on your new neighbors, so they know in advance when they can't use the elevator so they can plan accordingly.

Provide Proof of Insurance

Your leasing office might require a copy of your moving company's insurance. If you hire Ed's Moving & Storage, we can easily provide you with a copy of our Proof of Insurance to pass this along to your building's management.


The document proves we are insured and means we'll be able to pay if there are any unforeseen damages to the building. It's unlikely that any damage will occur, but you’ll be covered if something happens.

When You Need Expert Movers, Ed's Moving & Storage Has You Covered!

Moving can be a stressful time in anyone's life and can be physically demanding. If you want to make things a bit easier on you and your body, Eds Moving & Storage can help you load, transport, and unload your moving truck for you in the greater Tacoma, Washington area. 


Not only can we help you move into an apartment, but we also offer assistance for military moves, intrastate moves, and full packing services. We are your local professionals who will work hard to exceed your expectations. Call us today at (253) 581-2446, or message us, and we'll answer any questions and get your move booked!