Are you preparing to move? Do you take prescription medication? When you are moving, it’s typical to pack most of your belongings in a box. However, there are certain items you want to avoid putting in a moving box, one being prescription medication. Here are a few tips you will want to follow as you prepare to move with your prescription medication.

Flying? Pack Your Medications in Your Carry-On Luggage

If you’re flying to your new home, it’s recommended you pack a carry-on bag with your most essential items. In this bag, you should put items like one or two changes of clothes and essential toiletries. This allows you to easily grab the items that you will need after a long day of moving, or while your belongings are being transported to your new location.


You should also ensure your essential prescription medications are in your carry-on bag versus your checked luggage or moving boxes. You should never pack these items and put them in the moving truck. You want to keep them with you in case you need them and to ensure they do not accidentally get misplaced during the move.

Keep Your Medications Out of the Heat

Have you ever noticed your medicine bottles say to keep them stored at room temperature? This is because medications can begin to lose their effectiveness if they are in extremely hot or cold temperatures. This is true for both over-the-counter and prescription medications.


When moving with prescription medications, keep them out of the heat. Do not lock them up in a hot car all day. Try to keep them in a temperature-controlled environment, such as your home. Place your medications in the car only when you are ready to leave, and be sure to take them out of the car as soon as you arrive to where you are going.

Look Into Transferring Your Prescriptions

Lastly, take the time to look into transferring your prescriptions immediately before you move or after. If you are using a national pharmacy chain, such as Target, CVS, or Walgreens, they may be able to transfer your prescription to your closest location for you. If you are using a smaller or local pharmacy, look for another pharmacy located close to where you are moving. Call and ask them what information they need to transfer a prescription, and then obtain that information from your doctor or pharmacy before you leave town.


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