Are you getting ready to relocate your business? You need a plan that will help you move seamlessly from your current location to your new facility. With a step-by-step plan, you can continue operating your business with little disruption.


Ed’s Moving & Storage can help you relocate your company every step of the way with our commercial moving services. We offer a complete moving experience that includes professional packing, loading, and unloading, and driving you to your destination.


Your first step in moving is contacting us and reserving a move date. We can help you take it from there.

The Moving Process Step-by-Step

A workable moving plan is laid out in stages. Knowing what the first step, next step, and the last step give you a template that keeps you and your employees on schedule. Below is a general timeline that you may want to start with.

1. Set a Date and Work Backwards

The best way to create your timeline is to start with the end-game. Your first objective is to establish a move date. A moving date will create structure and form the basis for creating your timeline from this point forward.


Set a realistic date and try not to put your staff in a time crunch. Ideally, you need to give yourself a minimum of six months out no matter how small your business is. Once your date is set, you may want to schedule a move date with Ed’s Moving & Storage early, as well as reserve a storage unit if necessary.

2. Set a Budget and Stick to It

Moving a business is expensive. You’ll incur costs that you never saw coming. Therefore, you need to sit down to create a budget checklist. Some essential budget items may include:


●        Hiring a moving company

●        Loss of Employee productivity

●        Loss of revenue

●        New staffing costs (if some of the current employees can’t move with you)

●        Real estate fees

●        New technology expenses

●        Garbage removal

●        Insurance enrollment

●        Miscellaneous: security, cleaning service, vending,

3. Map Out Your Move In

If you can try to get a copy of the new facilities floor plan. Map out where everything is going to go. You can start by designating rooms and assigning employee workstations. Once you know where everything and everybody is going, you can start organizing all equipment, supplies, furniture, decor, etc. This is an important step that sets the tone for everything that comes after.

4. Communication

Now is the time to make your phone calls, send out emails, have meetings, and formulate strategies with your employees. In essence, it’s time to get your affairs in order. Reach out to your insurance company, bankers, realtors, moving company, business partnerships, clients, and vendors. Communicate with any entity or individual that will be affected by your move.

5. Delegate Duties and Build Your Team

You can’t move alone. So build your team and start assigning roles. If possible, try to assign duties according to departments or building locations. For instance, if you have an IT department the personnel in that department may be responsible for packing, organizing, and cleaning the area.

6. Start Packing

With all you have to do, you won’t have time to manage the packing. You also don’t want to be liable for compromising the safety of your employees. Therefore, you may want to hire a moving service to do the packing for you. A team of professional commercial movers has the training, equipment, and skill necessary to pack your entire business inventory. Ed’s Moving & Storage can supply all boxes and moving supplies necessary to complete the job.

7. Be Ready to Move by Due Date

When moving day arrives, have everything ready for the Ed’s Moving & Storage moving crew to load up. You can hire a team large enough to handle the size of the job. Ed’s Moving & Storage will have all the supplies and equipment we need to make the relocation go smoothly. Your team will serve as the directors for the day, as we do our job.


Whether you are moving in or out of Seattle, Ed’s Moving & Storage can help you. We offer complete commercial moving services for small and large business. We can help you organize and execute your relocation.


To reserve a move date and moving services, call us at (253) 581-2446, or you can message us at