At times it may seem that Tacoma, Washington lives in the shadow of Seattle. Ask the people that live in Tacoma, however, and they’ll quickly tell you that the city has its own shining light.


If you are considering moving to Tacoma, Washington, Ed’s Moving & Storage can help you through every mile of your journey. We know Tacoma as well as anybody. If you have any questions about Tacoma, we can answer them.


In the meantime, here’s are the bare essentials that you need to know about the City of Destiny.


#1 There is Plenty to Keep You Busy


Tacoma is filled with some strange and unusual but fun attractions that you’d never think were here.


For instance, you need to head over to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. It’s a twisted mess of wood and metal that doesn’t quite span the river. Why is it twisted? You’ll have to be here to find out.


Other crazy attractions you need to visit include:


●        Thornewood Castle: The House That Love Built

●        Bob’s Java Jive: The 25-foot Coffee Pot

●        The Graffiti Garage: Every floor is covered in graffiti.

●        America’s Car Museum: Mustangs, Firebirds, Model T’s & Hudsons

●        The Museum of Glass: No explanation needed


#2 The People Here Work Hard and Take Weekends Off


There are lots of job opportunities here for people who don’t mind rolling up their sleeves. Our top industries include:


●        Trade, transportation, and utilities

●        Education and health services

●        Tourism, leisure, and hospitality

●        Professional and business services

●        Manufacturing and construction


#3 We Love the Great Outdoors


Tacoma is also home to some of America’s best outdoor attractions. The entire area features 760-acres parks and recreational landmarks including:


●        Hiking and biking trails

●        Forests and gardens

●        Waterfront exploration like fishing, swimming, and boating

●        Playgrounds

●        Point Defiance Zoo and aquarium


Popular activities with the locals include sunbathing, walking, riding, playing frisbee, and more. Point Defiance Park is nestled against Tacoma’s beautiful waterfront, which not only adds to the park’s aesthetic value but also to the wealth of things to do there.


#4 There’s Always a Reason to Celebrate


There is always something going on in Tacoma. The city is brimming with festivals, fireworks, music, and holiday extravaganzas. Some of the biggest events on our calendar include:


●        The Daffodil Festival

●        Norwegian Heritage Festival

●        Taste of Tacoma

●        Tacoma Freedom Airshow and Fireworks Extravaganza

●        Pioneer Days Festival

●        Tacoma Greek Festival

●        Jazz and bluegrass festivals

●        Art and theater festivals


#5 Hunters Love Coming Here


Part of what makes Tacoma a great city is what’s JUST outside the city: lots and lots of woodlands. During deer season, hunters come from all around to claim their spot and seek out a 10-point buck. Tacoma is actually a top spot for deer hunting Columbia Blacktail Deer. The prime spot is in Lewis County which is about an hour south of the city. Some of the biggest deer recorded in history were shot in this area.


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