Moving is a big job. Before you let your move overwhelm you, realize you should be methodical about your move. Good planning will make your next relocation go smoother. Ed’s Moving & Storage brings you a checklist for your next relocation to improve your moving logistics.


Staging Your Move

Planning for your move should begin two or more months in advance of the move. By breaking your move down to a timeline, you can have a high level of organization resulting in lower stress. By organizing your move into manageable chunks, you can coordinate your move easily. Here is a checklist our clients have found useful to arrange their relocations:


Two Months Before Your Move

●        Purge unneeded and old items

●        Inventory by taking photos

●        Sell or donate items

●        Consult our moving professionals


Five to Six Weeks Before Your Move

●        Pick your moving day

●        Measure your new home for furniture fit

●        Schedule time off of work

●        Make plans for kids during the move

●        Order packing supplies


Three to Four Weeks Before Your Move

●        Schedule packers (or start packing)

●        Change your address

●        Get copies of medical records

●        Ask for doctor, dentist, salon referrals

●        Notify work, banks, and insurance

●        Schedule on/off for utilities


Two Weeks Before Your Move

●        Arrange for pet transport

●        Arrange for or gift plants

●        Tune up your vehicles

●        Fill and transfer prescriptions

●        Cancel or transfer club memberships

One Week Before Your Move

●        Clean out refrigerator and freezer

●        Clean out safe deposit box

●        Move bank accounts if necessary

●        Cancel newspaper subscriptions, forward mail

●        Clearly mark items/boxes to personally transport

●        Prepare a moving survival kit

●        Pack suitcases


One to Two Days Before Your Move

●        Arrange any payments needed for moving

●        Contact your mover to verify schedule

●        Take time out to visit with friends


Moving Day

●        Walkthrough to check home

●        Watch our professional movers at work

●        Be available for questions from our staff

●        Get copies of moving/shipping documents


Moving Steps

If you go through our checklist, you will see you can manage your relocation in small chunks. We know utilizing moving services from professional movers will ease your stress level in your relocation. By breaking your relocation down into manageable chunks, you also reduce the stress of your move. Good planning results in a smooth move for your family.


Professional Movers for Your Home or Business

Ed’s Moving & Storage is there for your residential or business move. Whether you are moving locally, nationally, or internationally, we have a solution for your needs. Our movers are courteous, professional and fast. For more information, give us a call at (253) 581-2446, or you can message us at